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SCB $128 Cashback When You Sign Up With My Referral Link

Standard Chartered is offering $128 cashback when you sign up thru my referral link for either one of the below cards

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Review: Blossom – SATS & Plaza Premium Lounge (Singapore T4)

Blossom – SATS & Plaza Premium Lounge is located in Changi Airport Terminal 4. It can be accessed for free with Priority Pass membership that comes free with certain credit cards

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SPC Amex Fuel Promotion is Back

One week past and finally it is back with an additional 7.1% making it a total of 21% savings for your petrol.

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My Expenses – December 2019

Top 3 spending is Bills, Home Spending and Food.

Groceries are not on the list as I am overseas for 16 days in December.

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CPF interest 2019

My Interest for 2019 is as below. My MA reaches BHS somewhere in July 2019 and the excess interest is transferred to SA.

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Feb 2020 SSB 1.75% for 10 years and 1.54% for 1 year

Learn how to make use of SSB bond ladder to gain additional interest with DBS Multiplier. However, do take note that SSB Bond Ladder will be nerfed on 1st Feb 2020.

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DBS Multiplier Account Changes On 01 Feb 2020

Those with DBS Multiplier account would have received an email from DBS regarding the changes to their account with effect from 1st Feb 2020.
DBS recently just made changes during May day for the better but now, It’s nowhere better for many.

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2019 SGX IPO Stocks Performance

2019 will end with less than 48hrs. Let’s see how those stocks that IPO in 2019 fare. There are 11 stocks that IPO-ed in 2019….

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My HDB Passive Income And Yield 2019

My HDB is currently generating passive income through renting. Due to IRAS purpose, I have to track my income and expenses. You can view last year’s data here.

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My Expenses – November 2019

Total expenses for November is $5191.62. This is largely contributed by my Japan trip spending of $2710.40. $411.36 was spent on food which I’m trying…

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