1.5% Rebates For Using SoCash

77 / 100

Free money is always the best. What else is better than withdrawing from ATM and get free rebates of 1.5%

Using my referral code PATR0012 will give you an additional $3 for the first withdrawal.

SoCash Promotion Period and Cashback

The promotion is currently for July but it is likely to be extended to August too. 

You will get $40.50 cashback for July and $37.50 for August if the promotion is extended.

How To Get CashBack from SoCash

You will need to make a trip personally to Sheng Siong with SoCash ATM machine. Each withdrawal is limit at $1000 meaning you will need to make 3 trips to the ATM within the month of July. The total amount you can withdraw per month is $2500.

Hardware and Software Required

You will need a smartphone with SoCash app installed. This is required to generate the QR code. You will also need a POSB/DBS account to debit the cash. 


You do not need to spend any amount to get the cashback and all is required is to pop over to Sheng Siong to withdraw the cash. Another wonderful part is that there is no queue at SoCash ATM machines. The few times I went, there isn’t any queue. 

Author: The Financial Guy

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