Singapore PainCare Holdings Limited – IPO

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Hope this company ipo will take the Covid-19 pain away.

Singapore PainCare is offering 24,246,000 units for It’s IPO at $0.22 per unit. This offer is available for placement and there will be no public offer.

The Market Capitalisation is S$35,560,000 

Indicative Timetable

The offer is available to subscribe on 13th July 2020 and close on 21st July 2020, 12.00pm. Trading will start on 23rd July 2020, 9.00am.

Use of Proceeds

The IPO placement after deducting the aggregate estimated cash expenses in relation to the Placement of approximately S$1.79 million, will be approximately S$3.54 million. 

Business Overview

Singapore Paincare is a medical group that’s engaged in Pain care services, Primary care and other services. 

Pain care services

We focus on the treatment of patients suffering from chronic pain. Our pain care services include, among others, minimally invasive procedures, cancer pain treatment, specialised injections, pharmacotherapy, and cognitive
behavioural therapy.

Primary care and other services

We provide general medical consultations, management of chronic and acute conditions, and dermatology services. Through our Associated Company, we also provide health screening services.

What’s Good?

Medical demands

Medical demands are increasing in Singapore and providing pain care treatments by either removing pain generators and/or interrupting
pain signals through, among others, minimally invasive procedures and specialised injections.

Ageing Population

As Singapore’s population ages, it is expected that there could be a corresponding increase in chronic ailments for which pain may be a symptom.

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What’s Not So Good?

Pain Care Treatment

The whole concept is still very new and not many people are willing to fork out money to see a pain specialist.


Is it a good time to list now amid Covid-19? The rich oversea customers are not coming in for medical treatment. 

Financial Highlights

Revenue and profit are consistent for the past 3 FY. We can expect to see a dip in FY20 due to Covid-19 


Good for those looking into pain specialist counter. If you believe the demands will increase. However, since it is available for placement only. let’s see what will happen on opening day 

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