WFH during Circuit Breaker Consume More Electricity?

bill shock

I got a shock when i recevied my June 2020 bill for my tenanted unit. 

So apparently, my unit was tenanted to 6 tenants and most of them are WFH or force to be staying at home due to Circuit Breaker and SHN due to construction permit holders.

My electricity bill came at a record high of 956kWh which had never happen before. On average, it stays at around 470kWh monthly.

In my mind, I was thinking how come it went up so high and is it because of my tenants WFH so they on their aircon 24/7? Then, I realize that 956kWh is actually is not high usage as for the month of March, April and May is actually base on estimation and due to circuit breaker, there isn’t anyone to take the meter reading.  

Let’s take my average consumption of 491kWh monthly. The excess of my June bill is 465kWh. The additional per month is around 163kWh. This is still acceptable since more people are at home and the usage will be higher. It works out to be an increase of $28.78 monthly for the estimated months.

Author: The Financial Guy

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