Tiger Brokers Launches SGX Trading

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Yesterday Tiger broker announced that they launched access to the Singapore Exchange (SGX). Tiger broker is backed by Xiaomi and is listed at NASDAQ:TIGR.

Currently users are able to trade on the platform on the list of stock exchanges, such as the New York Stock Exchange, the Nasdaq stock market, as well as the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. 

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From now till Dec 31, 2020, it is offering commission rates for Singapore stocks at 0.08 per cent per trade with no minimum charges. The fee is expected to be S$2.80 after promotion period. There won’t be any inactivity fee or custodian fee.

Comparing between DBST at 0.12% and SCBP at 0.18%, Tiger is the lowest currently in the market. Even after promotion ends, the flat rate of S$2.8 still wins all the brokers that is available.


I been using Tiger since 2 months ago and was very happy with the app performance. With the current cheap commission, I am sure to use it for my RSP for local market

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