My Expenses – February 2020


Total expenses for January is $3585.33.


It’s another month of overspending. A sharp increase in home spending due to water storage heater tank is faulty and get a replacement costing $518 with the installation. Also, I pay for my aircon servicing package costing another $432. 

Cash outflow for 2020

Cash outflow Jan-20 Feb-20 Mar-20 Apr-20 May-20 Jun-20 July-20 Aug-20 Sept-20 Oct-20 Nov-20


Home Related $1291.93 $1487.73                    
Gift $1000 $0                    
Groceries $508.51 $286.99                    
Food $183.4 $360.39                    
Bills $412.21 $411.41                    
Petrol $250.93 $249.24                    
Others $541.38 $789.57                    
Total $4188.36 $3585.33                    
-ve 1688.36 1085.33                    

Starting from 2020, I have a target spending of $2500/monthly.


Jan 2020 Expenses

Dec 2019 Expenses

Nov 2019 Expenses

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