2019 SGX IPO Stocks Performance


2019 will end with less than 48hrs. Let’s see how those stocks that IPO in 2019 fare.

There are 11 stocks that IPO-ed in 2019. Some of the stocks I did write up but some I didn’t. Maybe I shall set as my target in 2020 to have a write up on every IPO listing.

Companies that IPO-ed in 2019

Below is the companies performance since its IPO. Those clickable are the companies that I write up.

Company IPO Price Current Price % from IPO
Lendlease Reit $0.880 $0.925 +5.11%
Prime US ReitUSD $0.880 $0.975 +10.80%
ST Group Food $0.260 $0.260 0%
TrickleStar $0.260 $0.330 +26.92%
Alliance HC $0.200 $0.140 -30.00%
Eagle HTrust USD $0.780 $0.545 -30.13%
ARA HTrust USD $0.880 $0.870 -1.14%
FortressMinerals $0.200 $0.245 +22.50%
Reclaims Global $0.230 $0.310 +34.78%
Sim Leisure $0.220 $0.220 0%
Grand Venture $0.275 $0.270 -1.82%

Best Performing Company

Reclaims Global is the top-performing company with an increase of 34% from Its IPO price.

However, at this price, PE is around 50x and PB at 1.9x which is quite expensive to me and no dividends declared for their 1st half reporting.


Worst Performing Company

Eagle HTrust USD is the worst-performing company with negative 30.13% from Its IPO price. The poor performance is contributed by Queen Mary as it is one of the largest revenue income.

Eagle HTrust is trading at 17x PE and 0.6x PB. This makes it attractive and cheap at this price. I’m not sure if the Queen Mary case is concluded or not. If it is, this price is cheap to enter.


Author: The Financial Guy

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