My HDB Passive Income And Yield 2019

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My HDB is currently generating passive income through renting. Due to IRAS purpose, I have to track my income and expenses. You can view last year’s data here. I also have another post on how to advertise and what are the points to take note when you rent your unit/room.

Income and Expenses

Year Rental income SP Bill Wi-Fi S&CC Misc Expenses Net Total HDB Value Yield
2018 $34,400 $2882 $480 $1200 $4620 $25,218 $442,000 5.70%
2019 $33,000 $3122 $478 $1200 $2368 $27,508 $439,000 6.26%

What Went Well 

I’m quite lucky the majority of the tenants are quite nice and able to keep the house tidy. Importantly doesn’t have any conflict. It’s not easy to get good tenants so I guess this year went well for me in this aspect.

There isn’t any major repair and maintenance so my overall income managed to go higher.

What Didn’t Went Well

I had to ask a few tenants to shift out due to smoking in the toilet and don’t wish to keep the house clean and tidy.

The value of the house is also on a downward trend. Below show the X-Value of my house.

Value Of My House

The Current X-Value is $439,000 and It’s more than $100,000 lower from the peak at $575,000. 

HDB Value
My HDB Value


Althought my yield went up but It’s quite disencouraging to see the value of the house to keep on declinding.

Let’s hope within the next 5 years If there will be improvement on the value when the MRT are completed and all the buildings in progress are complete. 

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