Grab Challenge And Redeem 2x Disney’s Frozen 2 Tickets


Grab is currently having a challenge that allows you to redeem for 2 Disney’s Frozen 2 tickets.

The challenge runs from 13 November 2019 to 5 December 2019 and there will be 5,450 sets of tickets available.

Requirements for the challenge

There are 3 requirements to meet for this challenge and It’s what users will be using daily if not most of the time.

  1. Complete 1 non-promo Grab ride using Grabpay wallet (min spend $10)
  2. Complete 1 non-promo Grabfood using Grabpay wallet (min spend $10)
  3. Complete 1 non-promo in-store purchase using Grabpay wallet (min spend $10)

I do not know how they consider as a non-promo in-store purchase but I assume any in-store purchase will be fine. You can also stack with Fave Pay and pay by Grab Wallet for additional cashback.

Click here to sign up for a fave account If you haven’t. You will get $2 off min $6

Author: The Financial Guy

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