Little Sheep By No Sign Board Holdings – Once Is Enough

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No Signboard Holdings Ltd is a Singapore based company operating restaurants. It is engaged in three business divisions including restaurant, beer, and ready meal business. In the restaurant business, the company operates a chain of seafood restaurants under No Signboard Seafood brand. Beer business promotes and distributes the Draft Denmark brand of beer. Ready meal business distributes ready meals under Powered by No Signboard endorsement.

Market Cap 25.43 million
Share Outstanding 462.39 million
Earning Per Share -0.006
Price-to-Earnings Ratio (PE) 0
Price-to-Book Ratio (PB) 1.290
Price-to-Sales Ratio (PS) 0.929

On 29th Dec 2018, Popular hotpot chain, Little Sheep open Its door. I finally had a chance to meet up with my friends there for dinner.

However, the dining experience I encounter made me feel that go there once is enough.


What Went Wrong

My reservation at Chope was cancel by Little Sheep and irronicaly I call in to make reservation and was confirmed on the spot.



2 plates of my slice pork are not served and when I check with the staff, they got no clue on what is served and what is not. They have to ask each other whether did anyone serves the sliced pork or not. I guess not many people ordered pork as it is partially frozen.

During my 3 hours dining, the staff while clearing another table dropped the plates at least 5 times. Apparently, it seems quite a norm to the staff.


For the price premium, I would prefer to dine at Hai Di lao or other steamboat outlets be it for the services or quality of food. Much less invest in their parent company after exprience their standard of work. 

Author: The Financial Guy

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