How and Where I Advertise To Rent Out My HDB


My friends have been asking me what is the rental of my hdb. Here is how I do it.

Check Your Eligibility Conditions At HDB Portal

Before you are able to rent out your unit you must complete your Minimum Occupation Period of five years first. Any period before that you can only rent out individual rooms but at least one of the rooms has to be occupied by the owner.

You will have to submit your application thru HDB e-Services, the cost of renting out flat is $20 while renting by rooms is $10 per room.

Each application is valid for 2 years and you will have to renew it before it expires.

HDB room rental application
HDB e-Service

Source For Potential Tenants

Common questions I had was, do you engage agent to help you get tenants?

The answer is NO. Reason being, I don’t get value-added service and has to pay commission for their non-existent service while everything can be done online by myself.

I get my tenants from Facebook. There are many groups out there with rental related page but my favorite page is with over 100,000 members. The response I get from this page is way much higher than any other facebook page added up.

How To Know My Property Market Value

The difficulty is to get the correct price for your property. By setting it too high, you will get lesser response for your ads and by setting it too low, you lose out in income.

What I did is to check out what other agents list their asking price for similar units or location. If not can refer to Facebook and see what surrounding owners list their asking price for their property.

Viewing Of Unit And Negotiage The Rent 

You will expect a few potential tenants that will call you or Facebook messager you after you list your property. Normally I will try to arrange the viewing together on the same day as I’m not staying at the property that I’m putting for rent.

On the day of viewing, It is better to keep the house clean and tidy and reach the unit earlier to open the window to have better ventilation. 
Tenants like to ask if the rent is negotiable or not.

I don’t allow them to negotiate the rent as I list base on market rate. 

Don’t be dishearted if the viewing doesn’t work out. It takes time to get a tenant and importantly to get good tenants. 

Tenancy Agreement

Once the tenant agrees on renting your property, the next step will be preparing the room and tenancy agreement. 

By preparing the room I mean as getting all the furniture in place, repair all wear and tear etc.

If you do not have an agent, there are tons of tenancy agreements available online. You just need to google search for a template that is suitable for you to use. Below are what need to be include

  • Name and permit details of tenants and landlord
  • Address of premises to be leased
  • Payment details of rent and deposit
  • Tenancy period
  • Responsibilities of parties
  • Tenant’s Responsibilities
  • Inventory list of items in the leased room
  • Sign off by all parties

Stamp Duty

The duty of the Landlord doesn’t end here. The landlord has to e-stamp the tenancy agreement within 14 days of the agreement. Failure to do so will be a fine.

Stamp Duty is a tax on dutiable documents relating to any immovable property (“property”) in Singapore and any stock or shares. 

The fee for e-stamping is 0.4% of the total lease, for ease of calculation, my agreement is yearly renewal. 

Total Rent assume $700 per month 700 * 12 = 8400
0.4% for agreement period ( 12 month) 8400 * 0.004 
Payable stamp duty $33.6

Fun Fact: The stamp duty is payable by tenants.  

Hand Over Of Keys

The happiest moment, the day when you start collecting rent monthly.

Hope the information above is useful for everyone. 

Author: The Financial Guy

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