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The reason why I went to stockist for parts and oils.

Spending on the car will high for petrol and servicing. For servicing, there is a need to change engine oil every 10.000 km and major servicing on every 40,000 km. 

What type of servicing to do at every 10,000 km?

In general, every 10,000km will be basic servicing and major servicing on every 40,000 km mark. How to know which type of servicing to do and what to change or even the price range, I always refer to Autosaver website. 

Photo Credits: AutoSaver

Their pricing is transparent also, you just need to find the model of your car and the price is there. Rebates are given if you did not use their Engine Oil or Sparks Plug. 

Autosaver price
Photo Credits: AutoSaver

Why I Choose Stockist 

I like choices, the amount of engine oil available in the market and other misc stuff. You are spoiled for choices. Their price is very competitive too. Choices are limited if you go directly to the workshop for servicing and normally their oil are average grades for them to make a profit.

I bought a whole lot of stuff and final bill come to $278.63 before labor charges. I went back to my PI workshop and they charged me $75 for labor as it’s major servicing. For normal servicing, the labor fee should be around $20.

20190729 124816
Items for Major Servicing


I like to maintain my car and give it the best that I could. By purchasing at stocklist, I manage to save close to $100 for the servicing and also use the top grade oils for my car. 

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