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Dexter co-founder of Whatcard.sg drop me a DM and told me that he has a website that will be great for Team Cashback and Team Miles. Actually, before Dexter DM me, I already knew of this website thru Milelion and HWZ. He also requested me to write a post about this website which I agreed without hesitation. 

This website is still in beta stage but I can see there will be a strong demand for the usage and hopefully, there will be an app available soon. How this website works is that it uses MCC code to determine how much Miles or Cashback you will be entitled to shall you use the card that you choose or merchant shop. The website will also show you the highest miles earn per dollar and the highest percentage of cashback you will earn for each credit cards.

Mcdonalds MPD
Mcdonalds Miles per dollar
Mcdonalds CB
Mcdonalds Cashback

Being part of Team Miles, we always target to get 4 miles for every dollar we spent. As such UOB PPV is one of my top favorite cards to use for merchants with paywave machine. Hope this can be added into the website in due time. It will be great if the website can capture credit card promotion automatically for bonus miles. 

Will I use this website often? The answer will be Yes but I will use it as a reference for MPD and MCC code. Cross-check with the card T&C is highly recommended and always have a proper tracking of your points with excel to check which transaction doesnt give you points

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