Grab Status Valid till Year-end and Ways to Earn GrabRewards Faster

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Grab made changes to their platform on 1st July 2019, the changes can be found here

Grab members have until 31st December 2019 to earn and retain their status. Platinum members will have to earn 4,500 GrabRewards points between July to end of December to maintain their status. This means that Platinum members will need to spent at least $450 – $750 within qualifying period.

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Credits: Grab

Accelerate your GrabRewards Points

Spending in Malaysia has always been rewarding. Spending before 30th Sept 2019 will gain you 6-19.8 GrabRewards points for every RM1 spent. This means that in order to maintain your status, you will have to spent between RM227 (S$75) to RM750 (S$250). While spending after 1st Oct 2019, you are require to spend RM500 (S$166). 

MY Multiplier table Bonus points
Credits: Grab MY
MY Multiplier table Year End Bonus points
Credits: Grab MY

Your Apple Watch is cheaper to redeem if you have a bulk of your spending clocked in Malaysia. Apple watch require 300,000 GrabRewards points to redeem, total spend require is RM15151 (S$5050) compare to $30000 if purely earn points in Singapore. The saving is S24950.


Grab MasterCard

This is a targetted trial.

Users can earn 10 GrabRewards points for every $1 spend. As of now it work as virtual Mastercard, understand the physical card will be send once it’s available after trial. 

Below are some of the websites that i had use and awarded points.

  • Onemotoring
  • Parking.Sg
  • Taobao
  • Apple store purchase
  • SQ flight 
  • Polyclinic Epay
  • FoodPanda 


With such generous reward points in Malaysia, I dont see why i should only dine or take rides within Malaysia. Hope the physical Grab mastercard will be available soon. 

Author: The Financial Guy

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