How To Identify The Difference Between Mao Shan Wang and D101

MSW on rack

Some tips and seller stall which sell orginal MSW and not OEM MSW.

It’s the bumper season once again for 2019. As of writing, the supply of durians has dropped and will likely remain the same till the end of June 2019 when the 2nd batch of durians start to drop. 

Ok, so let’s see how do we identify or recognize MSW. 

The Durian Spike

MSW spike or so call thorns are pyramidal in shape and not conical. The pyramid is angular and has flat surfaces. The end of the spike is also short.

Durian spike
MSW and D101 Thorns

The Durian Stalk

The area near the stalk is bald and brownish for MSW whereby for D101 it will be full of thorns. 

Durian stalk
The Different On Ring

The Star of MSW

MSW has very clear shape of star or somecall it as starfish shape. However some of the durians that i picked in the forest are also having this shape thus do not just simply look for the star shape when you purchase your durians.

20190614 212645
Star or Starfish

By able to identify the characteristic of MSW, you are sure won’t be con by dishonest sellers. It is very common for durian sellers to use D101 to pass off as MSW cause they both look alike but the price difference is a lot. We are looking at $18/kg for MSW and $10/kg for D101 rates. the difference is $8/kg. 

So enjoy your durians and not to be con by sellers.

IMG 20180710 WA0031

Author: The Financial Guy

2 thoughts on “How To Identify The Difference Between Mao Shan Wang and D101

  1. MSW use to be from Pahang only.
    Now MSW can be from JB.
    Even some say from Kelantan.

    Nothing can beat the original Pahang MSW.

    Have U wonder why some MSW can go as low as $12 per kilogram?

    1. Pricing will depend on supply and demand, the grades of MSW play a part too. Not forgetting geographical also play a part in determining the price.

      I might be wrong but that’s what I feel on how durian seller prices their durians.

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