Check your DBS points without calling CSO

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How often do you have to call CSO to check your DBS points? Now there is a solution.

Now you can save your time trying to call DBS and put on hold with a simple method. Note: this works for cards that are awarded DBS points only.

The points shown excludes DBS/POSB cards that earn cash rebates, Smile points & Takashimaya bonus points. It displays the latest posted transactions on DBS Points earning cards.

If a transaction is missing, it may not have been posted yet. If you are a Supplementary Cardholder, your points will be credited into the Principal Cardholder’s account.

Let’s do it step by step as below.

Begin the process by clicking on the Virtual Assistant icon located at bottom right of DBS/POSB main page. It works the same for both.


It will open up a chat box. Type Dbs Points


Click on View reward and it will ask for your authentication. Once that is done, you will see a few other options. Click on Points Per Transaction.

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It will show you the latest 5 transactions but you can click onto See More for more transactions.



This function might not be new but surely it is new to me. Now I can save time by not waiting on hold on the phone and every transaction are shown on virtual assistant. You are able to see the bonus points that are being credited to you for DBS Woman’s World Card and DBS Woman’s Card. Another bonus perk is you are able to see which MCC your spending goes to as some of the bonus points will be excluded.

Author: The Financial Guy

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