My Saving Bonds Portal Has Launched

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Login with your SingPass to get a bird’s eye view of your Saving Bonds (SSB) portfolio.

You will be able to access the portal with Singpass but not applicable for FIN Singpass user. Fin Singpass user will have to refer to CDP and SRS statements for your SSB Holdings.

Through the portal, you will be able to;

  • View your total holdings of Savings Bonds, purchased using both cash and SRS funds.
  • See how much more Savings Bonds you can buy before you hit the Individual Limit.
  • Keep track of upcoming interest payments.
  • Compare the interest rates across different Savings Bonds.
SSB Portal Summary

Let’s see how inside look like after you login.

You will be able to see how much you invested with Cash or SRS account and how much more you can apply. There is a chart which shows you your interest earned if you held all your SSB till maturity.

SSB Investment Summary

Moving down you can see how much interest you will be getting for your holdings for 12 months and 10 years.

12 Months Interest

12 months interest
12 Months Interest

10 Years Interest

10 years interest
10 Years Interest

It end with a timeline for current SSB application.

SSB Timeline
Current SSB Timeline


I like the interface alot, it’s clean and easy to use. Everything is available at a glance. I’m looking forward to better rates so i can add more of my funds into SSB. Will be interesting to see how it look like when i have more allocations.

Author: The Financial Guy

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