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MoneyOwl is currently having a promotion for free Will writing. You will need to have a promo code to access. There are two ways to get the promo code, one is by subscribing to MoneyOwl mailing list and another way is to use my promo code MOMAIL. There is no extra benefit for you or me by using my promo code.

You will need Full Name and Identification No. of the following:

  • Spouse and Children
  • Guardian(s), for minor children
  • Beneficiaries
  • Executor(s)

To write a will, you should be at least 21 years old and of sound mind and you are not able to save and continue other time. It has to complete in one sitting. Unfortunately, this service is not available to Muslims as the advice of a Syariah-trained lawyer is required.

Below shown how your estate will be distributed if you do not have a Will.

20190309 Intestate Succesion Act

Please note that CPF and HDB is not covered by the Will.

For CPF it will be easy if the deceased made a nomination. If he did, the distribution will be base on the nomination. If there is no nomination, it will be distributed by the Public Trustee based on the Intestate Succession Act.

HDB will be automatic taking over by joint owner. If there isn’t any joint owner and or not without a Will, it will be determined by the Grant of Probate.

How much will it cost to write a Will

In Singapore, we can write our own Will and it will be reganize by the Law as long you state clearly on your assets and distrubution and sign off by witness. Otherwise, you should engage a Lawyer to prepare your will and it should cost around $150 to $500. It is highly recommended to lodge a copy of your will at National Wills Registry for a fee of $50.

Since MoneyOwl is providing this service for free so why not take advantage of the limited free period and get your Will written.

Once again, my promo code is MOMAIL

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