Reclaims Global Limited IPO – Balloting Results

Reclain Global

Reclaims Global Limited announced on 7th March 2019, there were 132 valid applications received for the 2 million Offer Shares available for public subscription. In total, these applicants applied for an aggregate of approximately 2.6 million Offer Shares, with application monies received amounting to approximately S$0.6 million.

Based on the total of 20 million Invitation Shares and the total valid applications received amounting to approximately 20.6 million Invitation Shares (comprising valid applications received for approximately 2.6 million Offer Shares and 18 million Placement Shares), the IPO was approximately 1.03 times subscribed.

Balloting Results Table

Reclaims Global Limited Balloting Results
Balloting Results

Reclaims Global Limited will commence trading at 9 am on 11th March 2019. The SGX code is NEX.

Mr Andrew Chew, Reclaims Global’s Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director welcome speech on media release.

We welcome all our new shareholders onboard and look forward to delivering shareholder value as we take Reclaims Global to its next phase of growth. We believe that this IPO will enhance our public image locally and globally and enable us to tap the capital markets to fund our business growth in Singapore.

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