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Post will be update every quarter.

Recently my friend and I had a discussion on where and how to effectively save money on petrol. So he told me SPC is offering vouchers which offer addition $5 discount on top of the usual discount. I think it will be interesting for me to pen down the petrol station pricing (although their prices are likely to be the same across) and which credit card gives the most discount when you pump petrol.

Petrol price

As I mention, I will update It quarterly together with SP Tariff. Hopefully within the first week of the quarter.







Octane 92$2.18N/AN/A$2.15N/A
Octane 95$2.22$2.22$2.22$2.19$2.19
Octane 98
Premium GradeN/AN/A$2.76 V PowerN/A$2.63 SINO Power
Date updated 15 Jan 2019

How much will I save with a credit card

Base on my car, I clock an average of 25,000 km a year, breaking down to per month I need to pump 3.5x of 40L full tank which per tank will cost me $88 for every trip I visited the petrol kiosk. Assuming per liter is $2.20.

Every month my petrol cost will be $308 without any discount be it loyalty card or credit card discount. This is a fixed cost. However, with a loyalty card or credit card, I can save around 20% which mean to say I am paying $246.4 per month instead of $308. Saving of $61.6 monthly.

Which credit card to use

Promotions at Caltex

OCBC card

  • 16% upfront discount on Platinum 98 or 14% upfront discount on other grades of petrol and diesel with all OCBC Credit or Debit Cards.
  • 18% upfront discount* on petrol/ diesel + 0.2% LinkPoints rebate for every $1 charged* + earn 3 LinkPoints^ for every litre of fuel purchased with your NTUC/OCBC Plus! Visa Card.
  • Additional $10 rebate with a minimum $300 nett fuel spend at Caltex in a calendar month.

HSBC card

  • 16% discount on Platinum 98.
  • 14% discount on Regular 92, Premium 95 or diesel.

Standard Chartered card

  • 16% upfront discount on Platinum 98 with Techron ® or 14% upfront discount on other grades of petrol and diesel with all Standard Chartered Credit or Debit Card.
  • Up to 25%* in savings on Platinum 98 with Techron® with the Visa Infinite Credit Card, or Up to 19.7%^ in fuel savings with all other Standard Chartered Credit Cards.

Promotions at Esso


  • Up to 21.1% fuel savings with DBS Esso Credit Card.
  • Up to an additional S$7 fuel savings* with min. S$180 nett fuel spend at Esso per calendar month from 1 January – 31 December 2019.


  • Up to 20.6% fuel savings with OCBC Plus! Visa Credit Card.
  • Up to 20.4% fuel savings with OCBC 365 Credit Card.
  • Up to 14% fuel savings with OCBC Credit / Debit Cards.


  • Up to 20.88% fuel savings with Citibank Cashback and Esso Mobil Credit Cards.
  • Up to 14% fuel savings with other Citibank Credit Cards.

Promotions at Shell


  • Up to 20.8% savings with UOB One Credit Card.
  • Up to 13.6% savings with other UOB Credit Cards.


  • Up to 20.88% savings with Citibank Cash Back Credit Card.
  • Up to 14% savings with other Citibank Credit Cards. 


  • Up to 19.16% savings with HSBC Premier MasterCard Credit Card.
  • Up to 18.30% savings with HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card.
  • Up to 14% savings with other HSBC Credit Cards. 

  Promotions at SPC


  • Up to 15% savings with DBS card.


  • Up to 20.1% savings with POSB Everyday card.


  • Up to 20% savings with UOB card.


  • Up to 21% savings with AMEX card.

Promotions at Sinopec


  • Up to 24% fuel savings with OCBC 365 Credit Card.
  • Up to 20% fuel savings with other OCBC Cards.

Cash, NETS, other non-OCBC cards

  • Up to 18% fuel savings.

Fuel saving tips

  • Reduce weight in your car boot. Remove unnecessary items in your boot.
  • Avoid hard braking or regular braking.
  • Avoid revving the car.
  • Use Cruise control on the highway. 
  • Maintained tyre pressures.
  • Switch off the engine while waiting for people.

Hope you all find this write up useful.

Author: The Financial Guy

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